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What is ERP?

ERP stands for 'Energy Related Products' and shows you how energy efficient certain products are. From September 1st 2021, the way lighting.products products are rated, and the labels associated with them are changing, therefore as a retailer we need to make some changes to help you get the right product for the job you need right first time.

Changes to Energy Labels

Currently the labels range from A++ to E, however most products fall into the highest ratings, making it difficult to determine which products are more energy efficient than others.

To make this clearer, the energy ratings are moving to an A to G scale, with A being the highest rating and G being the lowest.

Products which are currently rated as A++ will be rated lower on the new scale. This will allow for new, more energy efficient technologies to fill those higher energy ratings. The performance and energy consumption of the product remains the same.

Where the full label can’t be shown, you may see the energy rating as an arrow, which shows the rating of the product and the scale of classes.

Energy Labels


I have bought 2 of the same products, but one has an A++ energy rating and the other has a C, why is this?

As we move between the old and new label, there may still be stock sold with the old version of the label present on the product. For the new energy rating, please visit, search for the products and you will find the new energy rating

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